About me


My name is Mark van Beek I am a passionate, certified (VVM) MBE meditation trainer and ACT therapist / coach. At the age of 23 I came into contact with Transcendental Meditation (TM). At the time (about 30 years ago) TM was fairly new and quickly conquered the world. In addition to TM practice and mindfulness meditation, I regularly undertake silent journeys, group retreats and meditation weekends according to the Vipassana tradition. The positive experiences with and effects of different forms of meditation have always fascinated me and I am happy to pass them on.

In my workshops I like to make the link between Mindfulness (meditation) and Emotional Intelligence. In addition to weekly meditation training, I provide the 6-week workshop: “Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence”. In this I take you on an inner journey of discovery. In a group setting you will explore your inner landscape under my inspiring guidance.

In addition to passing on and practicing mindfulness (meditation), I am a certified ACT therapist coach. This includes helping participants (groups & individuals) to cope with the inevitable pain and suffering that comes with living our lives. It concerns diverse life situations, subjects are for example: loss & mourning, depression, burn-out, dismissal, psychological trauma, career choices, etc. For me personally, each time very grateful and valuable trajectories in which I can contribute to the lives of others.

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