Walking therapy

Walking as therapy, indeed that is possible. It has now even been scientifically proven that walking has a healing effect on body and mind. The walking therapy I offer is all about connection. Connection that takes place in an environment that is different from our daily practice. Connecting with ourselves, with each other and with nature.

In walking therapy I use the ACT form of therapy, which is the common thread running through the entire treatment process. Every walk is the start of a new and at that moment unknown, unique experience. You can of course rely on my experience and coaching or therapeutic skills to guide you. What regularly comes back in walking therapy is experiencing and inviting thoughts, emotions, feelings and physical sensations. Various exercises are used for this, depending on the situation at that moment. An on-line system is also used where exercises, explanations and possibly homework are offered.

There is always a non-binding intake during which your agenda is discussed and what your possible personal goals are. We will not lose sight of these during the process.

Some examples of situations in which walking coaching is used in a targeted manner are: reintegration into the work process, processing loss, preventing and/or treating burnout, processing trauma, identity problems, depression, anxiety disorder, etc. If you have any questions or are in doubt If walking therapy is suitable for you, please feel free to contact me.

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