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Sometimes life doesn't cooperate completely, in other words sometimes you just need support, a "mirror", a listening ear or someone who teaches you how to deal with difficult life situations.

ACT or Acceptance & Commitment Therapy is an honest and extremely human form of therapy that helps to deal with the inevitable painful life situations. ACT can be used in many situations where each situation has its idiosyncrasies. The application therefore differs per situation. Perhaps you are currently experiencing a lot of pain and struggling with painful life situations or perhaps your mind is getting in the way and hindering you in your daily life. Or maybe you just don't like it anymore... There are many reasons to get started with ACT therapy.

You may have had the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčasking for assistance for some time AND your brain finds everything about it so that you ultimately do not or dare not do that. Understandable but not necessary, feel free to contact me, so we can at least get acquainted.

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